Tue, 05/29/2018 - 14:59

About Us

NSF International is one of the leading testing institutes for food, feed and environmental analysis. We offer comprehensive microbiological, molecular biological, histological and chemical analyzes of food and feed products, meat and meat products, fruits and vegetables, convenience foods, dietary supplements and drinking water.


  • DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited laboratory; DAkkS accreditation certificates as a PDFs:
  • Notarized drinking water testing site
  • Key competencies: Testing of meat and meat products (as well as additional animal-based food products), fruit and vegetables, convenience products, nutritional supplements and drinking water; comprehensive consulting services
  • Use of microbiological, chemical, chemical-physical, preparatory gravimetric, sensory, histological and molecular-biological test procedures
  • Use of procedures in accordance with the official collection of examination procedures referenced in Article 64 of the German Food, Commodities and Feed Code (LFGB)
  • Application of additional standardized procedures and validated rapid methods such as  real-time PCR for detecting Salmonella, Listeria and EHEC
  • Approved expert laboratory for official counter samples; support of customers as experts in court proceedings
  • Regional sampling service