Thu, 06/07/2018 - 17:38

Baked Goods

(Combination) baked goods can be difficult to test based on the number of ingredients they contain. We are extremely experienced in these tests and create a custom analysis spectrum, which can include a broad range of food testing techniques, based on the specific product and its ingredients.

Our expert laboratory staff  can provide preparative-gravimetric analyses to verify the precise composition and volume percentages of the individual ingredients.

We can also test finished products or individual ingredients using the following techniques:

  • Microbiological testing (determination of relevant pathogenic germs, shelf-life studies, etc.)
  • Chemical testing (nutritional analyses and calculations)
  • Residue analyses (pesticides, heavy metals, nitrate and animal medications)
  • Determination of the fatty acid spectrum (authenticity test of cheese)
  • Histological testing
  • Sensory evaluation by expert staff
  • Molecular-biological testing (allergens requiring declaration, genetically modified ingredients, animal species, etc.)


Sascha Kaltenbach
Associate Director - Laboratory Operations, Food Safety & Dietary Supplements