Thu, 05/24/2018 - 21:08

Export to Countries Outside the EU

If you would like to launch your products in the U.S. or Russia, NSF is a competent laboratory partner who can reliably test whether your products comply with the specific standards and requirements of these markets.

We also offer comprehensive consulting services that allow you to profit from our know-how and international contacts.

Export to the USA

We support European food companies during market launch in the United States of America.

Our experts are familiar with the requirements and can provide services in one or more of five key areas to ensure success:

  1. Consulting during U.S. authority approval process
    An expert familiar with the formalities provides comprehensive advice in preparing all required applications.
  2. Pre-audits for standard launch and implementation
    Our auditors, who are familiar with the U.S. requirements, conduct a pre-audit at your facility to recognize any weaknesses, define measures and support you in implementing them.
  3. Support in preparing and checking labels
    We advise you on the declaration, design and content of the labels including their control and approval.
  4. Testing
    Because we are a recognized, globally networked testing lab, our test methods and results are widely accepted by U.S. authorities.
  5. Ongoing Audits
    We can also support you after successful entry into the U.S. market to maintain your status as an approved producer. Our “concierge service” provides a competent NSF employee as your contact person in the USA. This employee can handle different tasks for you on-site, such as checking the goods upon arrival at the port or taking counter-samples and submitting them for analysis. In addition, the contact person is available to the U.S. authorities, without time zone differences or language barriers, which allows any problems to be resolved more quickly and safely.
Export to Russia

Russia is an attractive, constantly growing market. Many German companies are currently exporting to the Russian Federation or are planning to do so in the future.

The Russian requirements for food products are complex and not harmonized with those of the EU. Therefore expert consulting and product analyses are indispensable to successfully exporting to this market.

Similar to the European CE labeling, there is a comprehensive certification requirement in Russia. Since there are no treaties between the Russian Federation and the EU regarding mutual recognition of certifications, goods exported for sale in Russia must generally be tested for conformity with Russian requirements.

Russian legislation specifies the following methods for verifying conformity:

  • Mandatory certification with the issuance of a corresponding certificate


  • Registration of the conformity declaration

The major difference between these methods is that with the registration of the conformity declaration, the manufacturer is liable for the correctness and completeness of the information. With mandatory certification, on the other hand, the liability is with the certification body that issues the certificate.

Preparing a conformity declaration must occur with the help of an independent, accredited testing laboratory. The allowable test methods are specified in the Russian standards (nomenclature about products requiring the mandatory certification and registration).  Often an additional voluntary certification can also be useful when preparing a conformity declaration.

Recently, there have been important changes to the standards for documenting conformity. The Russian government directive No. 982, paragraph 3 enacted current nomenclatures for products requiring mandatory certification and registration. In accordance with Article 9 of the Federal Law No. 184-FZ of December 27, 2002 on Technical Regulation, several technical regulations (TRs) have been passed, including TRs for milk and milk products, for fats and oils, and fruit and vegetable juices.

If your company exports or plans to export food into the Russian Federation, we can provide consulting and support to you as laboratory partner with our in-depth knowledge. On the basis of our approval by the VDF and the GOST certification, we can offer you testing through the QA system and assure the conformity of your products with the Russian standards.